Blog of my curiosities to

Blog of my curiosities

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship and living life on your own terms

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation
for a lasting relationship
and living life on your own terms


Conscious coupling

Living intentionally

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Find inner fulfillment by going against the grain and doing what feels right to you.

Sometimes being out of character is exactly what’s needed.

Progress was derailed but this approach changes everything.

The hidden costs of not doing so are making you die inside.

Regular relationship check-ins are excellent preventative measures to get ahead of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Setting intentions

Set your habits up for success by implementing these 7 before, during, and after strategies.

Couples on date conversing

Do these things to go beyond the surface and get a more effective picture of who they are.

are you listening

3 ways to become a better listener and improve the quality of your conversations.

Abby Young of Abby Young Styling

Guest post from Abby Young from Abby Young Styling

wishes into goal

You’re not going to get it just by blowing out birthday candles.

waiting for happiness

Are you putting off your happiness to an indeterminate time or waiting for it to happen to you? Consider this instead.

Seeing rejection differently

Change the way you see rejection and use these 4 ways to see “no” from a positive point of view.