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I'm a dating clarity coach,
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I help you get clear about who
 and what you want in a relationship to manifest your partner.

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with you.

You eyeroll or get frustrated with the dating advice you keep coming across.

The thought of being on or using dating apps makes you go "ughhh".

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction and manifestation, but you feel like it isn't working for you.

You believe in souls and soulmates, and you’re still holding out for “the one”.

Feel like you’re “running out of time” or less “valued” because you’re getting older.

Even through your past relationship woes, you still believe and hope that it’s possible to have your “happily ever after”.

You feel confused by conflicting dating advice, and don't even know how to act or what to expect while on dates nowadays.

You ask yourself why does dating have to be this hard.

You find a difficult time vetting whether someone is a good fit for you or not.

You question whether you could trust your own judgments or whether what you want is really possible. 

Alright, tally up those check marks.

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Congrats! If you scored 6 or more, I can help.

Let me empower you through my proprietary Clarity Manifestation Method™. Once learned, you could apply this same method
to other areas in your life as well.

Let me empower you
through my proprietary Avatar Manifestation Method.

Once learned, you could apply
this same method to other areas
in your life as well.

Before you apply any of those usual dating strategies,
there’s actually a crucial step beforehand:

Before applying all those usual dating strategies, 
there’s actually a more crucial step beforehand:

Get clear about what + who you want in a relationship!

Sound like a good plan?

1:1 coaching

Get your individual needs and personal situation addressed through direct coaching with me.

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client testimonials

“Kat was able to guide me to understand the small daily actions that would build my dreams one step at a time, and I am seeing the results from each step already taken. I am so happy I made the decision to work with her!” 

Sally B.

“She helped me to break through some negative belief patterns that had been ingrained from a very young age. It is wonderful to let go of these old beliefs so that I am now more grounded and able to move forward!” 

Colleen H.

“Oh Kat! That’s a huge insight! Thanks for sharing as I can see how I’m totally guilty of doing that right now. You’re so amazing and I love how you share your knowledge... I love learning from you.” 

Annie B.

So... how do these sound ?


You make quicker and more efficient decisions while you're dating.


You increase your self confidence and trust your intuition more.


You set clearer boundaries as to what you do and do not accept.


You manifest faster because you’re placing a much clearer request to the Universe.


You'll gain more clarity in who + what you want in a relationship.

These are the


you'll get:

Am I a

You want to be in a committed, long-term relationship.

It’s something you deeply desire, and now willing to dedicate the time and effort towards it. You’ll get strategies and perspectives on how to cocreate a deeply connected and conscious relationship.

You would like to feel more confident while dating.

You're tired of getting caught up with conflicting dating advice or ones that go against who you are. You want to walk into dates confidently being completely yourself.

You’re open to alternative perspectives.

I will be sharing perspectives that you might not have considered. I’ll also be talking about spiritual concepts: energy work, souls, soulmates, reincarnation, etc. If you’re open to all that, continue on!

good fit

for you?

This is what's

of you

You’re willing to do the work. 

There are worksheets and action steps you will have to complete as you go through this program. Knowledge is only potential power. It is through implementation that it becomes actual power you can leverage. 

You take responsibility for your results.

I can’t do the work for you. Only YOU can make the necessary changes in your life. Don’t let your fears steer you from your goals. The lessons, action steps, and coaching will gently guide you down your path, but you still need to take the steps to move forward.

You know it will take time.

Sure, instant gratification sells, but it takes time to build momentum. All the work and effort you’re putting into the program and into yourself will make a difference—whether it’s on the surface as you see results quickly or powerfully brewing underneath, waiting to be unleashed. Bring up any concerns during our coaching sessions, and we’ll address them together.


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