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My journey and learnings on how to recover from burn out and reclaim my life

My journey and learnings on how to recover from burn out and reclaim my life

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Is 'If He Wanted To, He Would' Good Relationship Advice? Experts Weigh In

The "if he wanted to, he would" advice is good and bad at the same time, says Kat Nieh.


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5 Romantic Gestures They'll Never Forget, Relationship Experts Say

"Romance is creating an experience you uniquely tailored for your partner," Kat Nieh, dating clarity coach, tells Best Life. "Romance is the two of you building a stronger and deeper emotional connection and bond—make your partner feel special by being fully present and making them feel safe, seen, heard, and understood."

Best life

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Dating strategies with Kat Nieh, Dating Clarity Coach

Mary Burt-Godwin interviews Kat Nieh as a love expert on Valentine's Day. Kat shares how she helps us get clear about who and what we want out of a relationship, how to manifest a partner, and so much more.

American Trends

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