Live intentionally

Setting intentions

Set your habits up for success by implementing these 7 before, during, and after strategies.

wishes into goal

You’re not going to get it just by blowing out birthday candles.

waiting for happiness

Are you putting off your happiness to an indeterminate time or waiting for it to happen to you? Consider this instead.

Seeing rejection differently

Change the way you see rejection and use these 4 ways to see “no” from a positive point of view.

manifestation good vibes only

Let’s build upon what you already know and rethink manifestation to fully leverage its power to your advantage.

Stop the shoulds. Tune into wants

Listening to all the shoulds just blows up your to do list exponentially. Refocus yourself, and tune within for your answers.

answers aren't clear

3 things you can do to find an approach toward clarity when there isn’t a straightforward answer.

Outrageous desires list instax - Photo by Kat Nieh

Supercharge your manifestation skills with a living vision board, filled with desires that make you come alive.

Scribble over hustle

As I’m building out my business, I say “no” to hustling and “yes” to a holistic life of my design.

Determine your own rock bottom limit to kickstart the change you need

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez from Pexels

Go stretch yourself

Photo by Jan Genge on Unsplash

Consciously choose what you’re sacrificing to achieve your goals, else it’ll find its own way to sabotage your life.