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September 15 2023

Being a dating coach, I'm not surprised to hear how challenging it has been for people to find their ideal partner. You could even remove the word ideal. It's been hard for them to find a partner, period! Dating has become such a drag or chore. The fun has been sucked dry out of the process, too.

I want to share another approach to inject some fun back into dating, and it doesn't have to involve anyone else. It just takes a few hours, and you can act like a little kid again.

My suggestion? Create a love vision board!

A vision board is a powerful manifestation tool that combines images, words, and affirmations to visually represent your desires. It serves as a constant reminder of what you want to manifest in your life. By focusing your energy and intentions on your love vision board, you can manifest your ideal partner and soulmate into your life.

Activate your kid-like imagination by dreaming up all the things you've ever wanted to be, do, or have in your dream relationship. Bust out your scissors or glue stick, or get creative with a digital one.

I'll show you how to choose the right images and words that resonate with your deepest desires. We'll dive deeper into the art of manifestation and how to amplify your intentions through visualization. I'll even share some of my secret tips to make your manifestation practice more effective.

Whether you're new to manifesting or have tried other techniques without success, creating a love vision board will inject some fun and, more importantly, hope back into your dating life!

The magic behind vision boarding

Before diving into the art of creating a love vision board, let's take a moment to understand the power of manifestation… aka the magic behind what makes a vision board effective and helpful.

The law of attraction states that energies attract like energies of similar frequencies. You are activating this universal law by setting your intentions and putting that particular energy out into the Universe to magnetize whatever it is you want to come back to you.

For manifestation to be truly effective, it starts with setting clear and precise intentions. It's like you're placing a specific order with the Universe to deliver what you truly desire in a relationship. So clarity is key! The more precise you are about your desires, the more focused and aligned your energy will be towards them.

If you don’t even know what you want, it’s like throwing a fistful of darts at a board, hoping by chance one of them will hit any part of the target… if you’re lucky or happen to be competent with it. The clearer you are (focusing on using one dart), the better followthrough you have (by taking intentional actions), the more practice you do (by not giving up), the higher the likelihood you’ll hit your target and land your ideal partner.

The benefits of creating a love vision board

Creating a love vision board offers numerous benefits on your journey to manifesting soulmate quality love.

1 – It helps you clarify what you truly desire in a partner.

By carefully selecting images and words representing your ideal partner, you gain clarity on the qualities and characteristics you seek. This process makes it easier to recognize your soulmate when they come into your life.

2 – It hones your focus and intentions on finding love.

You have a busy life, and your mind is constantly occupied by all the things you have to do. Having a love vision board serves as a daily reminder of your desires and helps you stay aligned with your manifestation goals. By consistently visualizing with your love vision board, you amplify your intentions and attract the right energy to bring in your ideal partner.

3 – It keeps your focus on what you DO want.

If you keep focusing on what you don't have or don't want, you'll keep manifesting the opposite of what you want. Since your love vision board highlights all your wants, it'll reshift your focus and hone your energy on the positive instead. Positive energy is more attractive and ups your chances of receiving it.

Setting intentions for manifesting love

Want to make your love vision board more effective? Solidify your why before you start. Take some time to reflect on why you want a relationship. Dive deeper than just the superficial answers. Tune into your heart to understand your desires around love, what it'll do for you, and what kind of love you are searching for.

Remember to focus on the positive aspects of why you want a relationship. Let it inspire and happily pull you into your why. Instead of saying “I don't want to be alone”, reframe it as “I desire to share life experiences with someone special.” This shift in language creates a more uplifting and inspirational tone. Plus, the imagery and feelings it brings up focus more on what it would be like to spend your life with your partner rather than being single and alone with no one by your side. Try it. Reread those two sentences and notice the differences between the images and feelings that come up for you.

Steps to creating a powerful love vision board

Alright, shall we begin? Now that you understand why you're doing this and have solidified your why, let's dive into the process of creating your very own love vision board.

1 – Choose images and words that represent your ideal partner

Start by gathering or printing images that resonate with you. Look for images that reflect their physical appearance, hobbies/interests, and the qualities you desire in a partner. Additionally, select words or phrases that capture the essence of your ideal relationship. Include things you'd like to do with your partner, places you'd like to travel, and life goals you'd want to achieve together. Be sure to include images of couples doing things together to anchor in the companion aspect. You can even cut out your face and put it over the person that represents you.

As you choose images and words, trust your intuition. Pay attention to what resonates with you and sparks joy. Avoid limiting yourself. Be open to unexpected pictures or words that may surprise you but feel right.

2 – Organizing and arranging your love vision board

Once you've gathered your images and words, it's time to arrange them on a physical or digital board. Some ideas for physical ones include a poster board, picture frame, corkboard, magnetic board, etc. (Psst, you can create a live vision board that you can easily update, too.) You can put together a digital love vision board on Pinterest, Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote, or PowerPoint. Choose whichever digital platform is easiest and accessible for you to use.

Arrange the images and words in a way that feels visually pleasing to you. Organize your love vision board by themes or create a collage style arrangement. There are no strict rules. When you look at your vision board, your eyes should naturally move around the board, making you feel good and inspired by love. Take the time to evaluate what you have on the board to ensure it deeply resonates with you.

Use scale (big and small images) to make it visually attractive. It's ok to leave spots open for things you'd like to add later. Your vision board can be something you build over time than completed in one sitting, too.

3 – Find the best spot for your love vision board

Pick a spot where you can easily see your love vision board daily. Find a high traffic spot in your home. Put it on your computer desktop or your phone's lock screen or background. Avoid tossing this in a hidden place to be forgotten. Your love vision board is your constant reminder of what you want in your life, so put it somewhere you can see it often, even if it’s a quick few second glance.

It's up to you how public or private your love vision board is. Follow your intuition and do what feels most comfortable for you. Where you first put it doesn't have to be its permanent location either. Feel free to experiment and move it around to settle on a favorite spot.

4 – Activate your love vision board

Now that your love vision board is complete, it's time to activate it.

Find a quiet and peaceful space where you can focus your energy. Comfortably sit in front of your love vision board. Take a few deep breaths to quiet your mind and center yourself.

Slowly examine all the elements you've placed on your love vision board. Free your imagination to play out what each quality and activity looks and feels like for you. Allow all that to build upon each other and exponentially compound your relationship desires as you get clearer and clearer about how it feels like to be in your dream relationship.

Now, close your eyes and visualize yourself already in a loving and fulfilling relationship with your ideal partner. Visualize the details: How does your partner look at you? How are you spending time together? What does your partner do to show you love and support?

Feel into your emotions as if it's happening in the present moment. This will help you align your energy with your desires and strengthen your manifestation practice.

While visualizing, you can repeat positive affirmations that align with your desires or confirming phrases that solidify its possibility, like “Yes, this is mine.” or “I can have this and more.” Each time you repeat them, feel the truth and power behind them. Do whatever it takes to amplify the positive emotions associated with having your ideal partner by your side. 

Do this practice often to transform your energy into the right frequency to manifest love.

My secret tips to amplify your manifestation

Manifestation is an ongoing practice that requires a positive mindset and consistent effort. Yes, manifestation still requires action on your part. Here are 3 things to keep in mind on your journey to manifesting love:

1 – Concentrate on the feelings.

Yes, your thoughts matter, but you're not thinking your way to love. What matters most is what your thoughts are making you feel. Your feelings make your thoughts come to life. Your feelings are the source of your energy to manifestation. Your feelings create the frequency that magnetizes your results. The stronger the feelings, the faster you'll manifest that thought, whether it's positive or negative.

So channel your attention, focus, and feelings on the positive qualities of having love in your life.

2 – Develop patience and allow things to happen at their divine pace.

In this current world, we want everything now. If you don't get it now, you get discouraged and give up. You get antsy and try to do something else instead. Breathe, and dial down the stress levels! Geesh…

How quickly you manifest something depends on how clear you are, how aligned your energy is with what you want, and what you're willing to do and sacrifice to have it. If you hold onto negative limiting beliefs that push love away or refuse to prioritize love in your life, you're making it harder for it to show up.

Do the things to open yourself up to love and create space for it in your life.

3 – Take in feedback and tweak accordingly.

Manifestation is a process. You are always manifesting, whether it's the result you want or not. So evaluate your outcomes, learn from your feedback, and make the necessary tweaks to keep moving yourself towards what you desire.

Consider what you can do or eliminate to change the way you think or feel. Wherever you're investing your energy in is creating the results you have. So shift your attention, focus, feelings, thoughts, and time more into what you want.

While a love vision board is a powerful manifestation tool, it's essential to take action and stay open to opportunities that come your way. Put yourself in situations where you can meet people and engage in activities that align with your interests. Be open to unexpected connections and trust your intuition when it comes to potential partners.

Remember, manifesting involves aligning your energy, intentions, and actions with your desires. Stay committed to your manifestation practice, have faith in the process, and trust that true love is on its way to you.


Cheers to crafting a love story that's uniquely yours!

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P.S. If you'd like to take it a step further or need some help getting a clearer vision of who + what you want in a relationship, check out my guided journal “Love Vision Clarity”. It’ll help you develop and create a clear blueprint of what will help you feel loved, happy, and fulfilled in a relationship.

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Kat Nieh is a dating clarity coach bringing more fun, trust, and openness back into dating. She helps single working professionals go on their last first date and find their soulmate app-free.

She has also published 3 books, is a best selling author, and has been featured on tv, podcasts, and media publications as a love expert.

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Kat Nieh is a dating clarity coach bringing more fun, trust, and openness back into dating. She helps single working professionals go on their last first date
and make those hard conversations easier.

She has also published 3 books, is a best selling author, and has been featured on tv, podcasts, and media publications as a love expert.

Get her freebie
"Find Your Soulmate Fast" here!

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