Blog of my curiosities to

Blog of my curiosities

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship and living life on your own terms

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation
for a lasting relationship
and living life on your own terms


Conscious coupling

Living intentionally

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Leveraging the power of clarity in reducing heartbreak and nurturing hope.

Stop the shoulds. Tune into wants

Listening to all the shoulds just blows up your to do list exponentially. Refocus yourself, and tune within for your answers.

answers aren't clear

3 things you can do to find an approach toward clarity when there isn’t a straightforward answer.

cocreating a conscious relationship

Discover the two core elements for a conscious relationship with your partner that’ll endure through the ups and downs of life.

heart polaroid in hand

Let’s challenge the old “finding the perfect person” and embrace a new definition of a soulmate relationship and your approach to getting it.

seeking perfection

The focus shouldn’t be on avoiding mistakes, but actually on how to learn from them.