Blog of my curiosities to

Blog of my curiosities

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship and living life on your own terms

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation
for a lasting relationship
and living life on your own terms


Conscious coupling

Living intentionally

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Wondering about something? I'll personally answer you back.

Embrace the discomfort of growth for a fulfilling journey. My vulnerable revealing guide to leveling up, even when it feels challenging.

How experiencing my half marathon race offered a blueprint for success.

lightbulb with illustrative lights rippling

Achieving your goals without letting the unknown deter you.

Break free from the need for certainty and “I need to know first”.

Find inner fulfillment by going against the grain and doing what feels right to you.

Progress was derailed but this approach changes everything.

The hidden costs of not doing so are making you die inside.

Setting intentions

Set your habits up for success by implementing these 7 before, during, and after strategies.

wishes into goal

You’re not going to get it just by blowing out birthday candles.

Determine your own rock bottom limit to kickstart the change you need.