Blog of my curiosities to

Blog of my curiosities

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship and living life on your own terms

My personal stories + insights into building a strong foundation
for a lasting relationship
and living life on your own terms


Conscious coupling

Living intentionally

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Not good enough is a dangerous belief

Feeling “not good enough” is a verbal and mental drug that has costly and damaging side effects on dating and love. Do these instead.

The dark side of happy being single

That’s what they’re saying at the moment, but what are the dark moments hidden behind the sentiment of happy being single

Man chasing after woman

If you want a high quality partner and be in a lasting relationship built upon trust and respect, then drop the mind games.

Happy old couple showing what a lasting high quality relationship looks like

Understanding what being in a relationship means and how to create a high quality relationship that’ll stand the test of time.

Heartstrings tugged

Your heartstrings being tugged is like eating empty calories in dating. Say no because it’s not ok. Say no because you deserve better.

Going on date disinterested

Stop going on dates for the practice. That advice doesn’t improve your situation, and actually perpetuates to the problem. Do this instead.

Don't let what's on tv be your norm

Don’t adopt the bad relationship behavior and horrible communications skills you see on tv. They won’t help you succeed in love.

Frustrated with no resolutions

Uncover the nuances and explore actionable insights for identifying red flags in relationships, distinguishing them from mere misalignments.

Argument out of control, feeling shut down

5 actionable strategies on how to navigate and resolve an ineffective argument with your partner. (Most people fail on this one tip!)

5 practical benefits for crafting a love vision to unveil love’s potential and transform your love life.

Stop leaving love up to chance. Turn your wishful thinking into reality with this practical guide to manifest the love you’ve always wanted.

Discover how forgiveness is an act of self care that boosts your emotional well being and unlock new possibilities.